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Diagram of solar power installation

Solar photovoltaic systems turn sunlight into electricity, saving money and the environment.

1. Solar panels capture the sun's energy.

Solar Planet finances and installs solar photovoltaic systems for our customers. These systems rely on solar panels mounted on a roof to capture the sun's energy and transform it into electricity that can be used to power your business.

2. Inverters convert sunlight into usable electricity.

Every solar photovoltaic system we install includes an inverter. The inverter turns the energy captured by the solar panels into a form of electricity your business can use, called alternating current, or AC electricity.

3. Solar power decreases your pull on the energy grid.

The electricty your solar photovoltaic system generates offsets the amount of electricity your business draws from your utility provider's grid, benifiting the environment and decreasing your electricity bill.

4. Solar photovoltaic systems produce more energy when you need it.

Because solar photovoltaic systems draw energy from the sun, they produce more electricity during the summer months - the same time your business uses more electricity to power air conditioning systems. This helps offset higher electric bills in the summer months.

5. Your utility company could start paying you!

Sometimes, your solar photovoltaic system will produce more electricity than your business uses. This surplus power filters back into the grid, causing your energy meter to spin backwards. Your utility company "buys" this power from you by crediting your electric bill.

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