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Lack of information, time, or resources is no longer a deterrent to going solar.

Solar Planet aims to give your business everything it needs to take advantage of solar power - including information and answers to your questions. If you don't find the insight you need below, please email Solar Planet with your questions and our solar experts will get you the information you need.

Q. If I install a solar power system, will that protect my business from power failures?

A. While solar power has countless advantages, preventing power outages isn't one of them. Our solar photovoltaic systems are part of the utility grid. When the utility company experiances an outage, we need to cease energy production by shutting down your system's inverter in order to protect the utility workers servicing the grid.

Q. Will installing a solar power system cause my roof to leak?

A. No. Solar Planet conducts a complete site assessment prior to installing any solar photovoltaic system. The assessment includes determining your roof's ability to support the racking system without causing any structural damage. If your roof is unable to support the system, we will not install it. A ground mount solar photovoltaic system is an option for sites without adequate roof space.

Q. What if my roof isn't big enough to support solar panels?

A. Solar Planet completes an in-depth site inspection before installing solar photovoltaic systems. If your roof cannot support the system, a ground mount option may work on your site. With ground mount systems, we install the solar panels at an angle on the ground. These systems work exactly the same as roof mounted solar panels.

Q. Is there a warranty on the solar system?

A. The solar panels in our solar photovoltaic systems are typically under warranty for 25 to 30 years. Solar Planet handles the process of obtaining and providing the warranty information to you.

Q. How long does the process of going solar take?

A. When you work with Solar Planet, we have the expertise and experience to efficiently handle every step of the process. The installation itself only takes about a week. All told, it takes approximately eight weeks from the time you sign on the dotted line to the time you are generating solar power and saving on your energy bill.

Q. Will the installation process disrupt my business?

A. It shouldn't at all. We work with certified, licensed, and bonded professional installers who are mindful that you are operating a business. Since the installers work primarily on the roof, they should not impact staff, visitors, and customers coming and going from your office. The entire installation process only takes about a week.

Q. Why is the government incentivizing solar power systems?

A. The state and federal government advocates for solar photovoltaic solutions, such as the ones Solar Planet installs for our customers. Solar power is a renewable, non-polluting source of energy that delivers tremendous benefits for the environment and can help make our country less dependent on other sources of energy. However, the costs of installing solar photovoltaic systems can be staggering. The state and federal government help offset these costs through a variety of financial incentive programs.

Q. Can Solar Planet provide a solar power system for my home?

A. Not at this time. Solar Planet currently specializes in solar photovoltaic systems for businesses and commercial properties and we do not service residential customers.

Q. How do I know if my site can support a solar system?

A. A number of criteria help determine whether or not your site can support a solar photovoltaic system from Solar Planet, including your industry, your utility provider, and the available roof or ground space on your site. See our eligibility requirements or contact Solar Power for more information.

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