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Technician installing solar panels

Solar Planet helps you benefit from solar power.
Without investing your time and money.

Solar power generated through solar photovoltaic systems is undoubtedly an economical energy choice, but solar power is also a smart choice for the environment. Many companies are seeking to go green and reduce their carbon footprints by considering solar energy today.

It's not just that solar power is renewable or that it can be produced without taxing other natural resources or creating emissions. Solar power also lessens our dependence on utility grids. Companies that choose solar power not only decrease the draw on the grid; they can also put energy back on the grid by producing more power than they use. And a more efficient power grid reduces other environmentally harmful activites, such as buring coal for power and strip mining to obtain coal.

Solar Planet does the research and legwork for you.

Solar Planet's solar experts have invested the time and effort to become authorities on solar power. We know how to quickly and successfully obtain grants. How to carefully assess your site and to determine the viability of a solar system and design the appropriate sized system for your property. And how to oversee installation to ensure every aspect of the process is a success. Our due diligence translates into a simplified, worry- and hassle-free solar process for you.

All you do is save (money and the planet).

When you go solar with Solar Planet, we use roof or your land for a ground mount solar system. You keep the power generated by the system, which will dramatically reduce your electric bill. While the amount you save depends on the size of your system and your monthly energy consumption, on average, a Solar Planet solar photovoltaic system can generate seven to nine years of free, earth-friendly power for your business over the life of the system.

Going solar with Solar Planet means:

Superior Product.

Solar Planet has spent the time to research, test and analyze solar panels and their related equipment. We ensure that you will receive the very best and most productive materials available on the market today.

No paperwork or hoops to jump through.

We save you the time and frustration involved in securing grants for your system, obtaining zoning and building permits, scheduling installations, and handling ongoing maintenance. You simply sit back and save.

Around-the-clock system monitoring.

All you need is an Internet connection to monitor how much energy your solar system produces each month. You’ll know at a glance how much the system is benefiting your bottom line. And Mother Earth.

Reduced fluctuations in your energy costs.

Solar photovoltaic systems produce more energy in the summer months—the same months businesses use more energy for air conditioning. Solar power helps offset spikes in your energy bills by producing more power when you need it most.

Find out if you qualify for a solar power solution from Solar Planet.

Not all sites are suited to solar photovoltaic systems. The following criteria will help you determine if your business is eligible for a system from Solar Planet. You can also contact Solar Planet for additional information.

To qualify for a solar photovoltaic system from Solar Planet, you must:

  • Be a business or commercial property. Solar Planet does not provide services to residential properties.
  • Have an un-shaded roof preferably facing south.
  • Have a roof and an electric panel capable of supporting the system. Solar Planet will determine this during a comprehensive site assessment.
  • Have enough space to accept a solar array that makes sense for your business.

If you do not meet our eligibility requirements, Solar Planet may be able to advise you on other resources available for going solar.

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